Carbon dating shroud of turin

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Carbon dating shroud of turin

Amongst Lennox's many interests was the Turin Shroud, the so controversial cloth that allegedly wrapped Jesus' dead body after his crucifixion.

Lennox joined the British Society for the Turin Shroud not long after its foundation in the late 1970s, at a time when media interest in the topic was particularly intense.

When carbon dating tests carried out on the Turin Shroud in 1988 were widely broadcast as 'proving' the cloth to be a medieval fake Lennox, unlike so many others, most admirably held steadfast to his own longstanding 'authentic' opinion, for me personally a most valued source of support and reassurance at a very difficult time.

Throughout the decades that I have known Lennox I have felt privileged by his friendship.

Only in the most recent years did what had been emails from him lapse back to conventional postal communications, at which point Lennox graphically described his and Ruth's herculean efforts trying to stay as independent as possible despite their nonagenarian vintage!

Lennox was blessed with a diversity and universality of interests, amongst these the medical science that was necessary for his dental profession and the art and history knowledge that was necessary for his Capadocian rock paintings studies, a universality that is sadly becoming all too rare in today's so specialist and so communications-obsessed twenty-first century world.

John Long has been a Maryland Parole and Probation Agent for 35 years.

He has a 30 year interest in the Shroud and is past president of the Holy Shroud Task Force, a professional group devoted to research and education on the Shroud of Turin.

Later the same year his monograph of the same findings was published from Australia by Australian promoter of Shroud studies Rex Morgan, MBE (.

Some complained that the textile specialists present at the sample cutting would have recognized a patch.

One radiocarbon expert also claimed that the percentages of patch and original Shroud would have produced a date of AD 665 and not the 13th century date Benford and Marino claimed.

After considerable testing he concluded, “the color and distribution of the coating implies that repairs were made at an unknown time with foreign linen dyed to match the older material.” He also opined, “The radiocarbon sample was thus not part of the original cloth and is invalid for determining the age of the shroud” (Rogers, 201,193).

Just before he died in March, 2005 these findings were reported in a scientific paper, which also disclosed one more major revelation.

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He invariably presented as a paragon of integrity, wide knowledge, quiet faith, gentle humour and sound sense.

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